As a producer for industrial shows, a leadership coach and a performing artist, there is a constant stress of new people, new locations, new tasks and the unknown. Yoga and Meditation have become essential for my survival and focused presence.

In 2001 I went through a difficult phase in my personal life and had a burn-out in my professional life. This led to anxiety and panic attacks. During this difficult time I discovered Bikram yoga. It stabilized me in such a profound way that I began a journey to understand the practices of this and other yoga forms.

In 2004 I began formalizing this study with a one year Teacher training for power-yoga.

In 2005 I started to teach power-yoga while researching and learning from Ashtanga, Hartha, Anasura, Jivamukti and Kundalini. Now I teach a form of yoga which is influenced by all of these directions.

It is both influenced by my Body-Mind Centering, transcendental meditation, multifaceted performer training of European Dance Development Department, the 5 elements of dance Gabriele Roth and up to the Stage School of Dance and Drama.


I work from 1990 until today as Freelance Power Yoga Teachings. From 2012  I use my Power Yoga skills to complement differents workshops for presence, voice, expression, communication dynamics, active relaxation techniques, various diagnosis and team building.

From 2015 I have created my own Mindfulness in Performance Workshop in Ibiza and at the same time I co-work as guided meditations with my partner Ivo Vossen for Resonance Space Body-Mind Workshops in Hamburg. 


“Yoga with Barbara is not your run of the mill type of yoga. It is much more like a 90 minute journey with a highly motivated travel guide, who understands how to transmit the deeper meaning of yoga without cliches and how to use first-class dramaturgy, intelligence, empathy, know-how, humor, motivation, and lots of heart to bring the class to really good sweat! After a class with Barbara, I feel great – feather-light, inspired and altogether grounded. It is fun to follow her instruction, because she gives you the feeling that alongside with the performing of different asanas, there is never a short supply of food for the soul. For me, her voice is her best tool. As a yoga-student under her instruction, I feel I am in good hands. It’s a shame she doesn’t teach in Hamburg more often!”

Claudia Rohde
Course participant



2020 Official member of Yoga Alliance™ as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™) ID: 321802

Since 1990 until today:

Workshops for acting, choreography and creativity (actors and performers).

Individual coaching: voice and body work for managers.

Power Yoga Teachings.

Since 2015 Mindfulness in Performance Workshop, Ibiza

Guided meditations in Resonance Space Body-Mind Workshops, Hamburg