Barbara Duchow

Art Performer, Coach and Director


With over two decades of experience as an actress and singer, I have had the privilege of contributing to a plethora of theater, television, film, and music projects. My journey has been a colorful one, evolving from performing artist to producer for industrial shows and a leadership coach.

Crafting tailored concepts for individual coaching and group training is my forte. As a seasoned trainer-coach, actress, director, and power-yoga teacher, I bring a unique blend of skills to the table. My academic background, spanning design, performing arts, and psychology, fuels my holistic approach to creativity and human development.

Yoga and Meditation have emerged as anchors in my life, nurturing my survival and cultivating focused presence. Drawing inspiration from the arts, science, fashion, dance, and theater realms, I orchestrate complete works of art that fuse the freshest impulses into my creations.

Whether it’s orchestrating openings, curating image shows, leading corporate events, captivating tradeshow performances, or simply channeling the desire to craft meaningful experiences, my guidance provides individuals with a transformative journey towards inner harmony and mindful growth.



Internationally working performer based in Hamburg, Berlin, Toulouse and New York. More than 20 years of experience as an actress and singer for different theater, television, film and music projects…


Barbara Duchow designs specific concepts for individual coachings and/or group trainings. She is a trainer-coach, actress, director and power-yoga teacher, and holds degrees in design, performing arts and psychology. She…


I work with the international creative and organizational team dasintegral. It develops individual shows, which are fined-tuned to represent our client’s vision. The newest impulses from the arts, science, fashion,…


As a producer for industrial shows, a leadership coach and a performing artist, there is a constant stress of new people, new locations, new tasks and the unknown. Yoga and Meditation have become essential for my survival and focused presence.



Join me to discover, stimulate, deepen and learn to consciously use our power and creative spirit. Workshops available in Hamburg, Toulouse and Ibiza. Also available to collaborate on your project as an actress, composer, singer-songwriter or presenter.