Barbara Duchow

Art Performer, Coach and Director

I am Barbara Duchow, a performing artist with a trajectory that encompasses acting, coaching, and directing. I am situated at the vibrant crossroads of Hamburg and Toulouse, where I have woven a hybrid tale of success as an actress, singer, and presenter for over 20 years. My presence has been enriched by the diverse stages of theater, television, film, fashion runways, and musical projects. Additionally, I utilize all my knowledge and experience to teach and guide others to embrace their own leadership, both personally and professionally, through my body language techniques. This spans from my voice and body mastery methods to Yoga and meditation.

Ich bin Barbara Duchow, eine Bühnenkünstlerin mit einer Laufbahn, die Schauspiel, Coaching und Regie umfasst. Ich befinde mich an der lebendigen Kreuzung von Hamburg und Toulouse, wo ich eine hybride Erfolgsgeschichte als Schauspielerin, Sängerin und Moderatorin über mehr als 20 Jahre hinweg gestaltet habe. Meine Präsenz wurde durch die vielfältigen Bühnen des Theaters, des Fernsehens, des Films, der Laufstege der Mode und musikalischer Projekte bereichert. Darüber hinaus nutze ich all mein Wissen und meine Erfahrung, um anderen beizubringen und sie anzuleiten, ihre eigene Führungspersönlichkeit sowohl auf persönlicher als auch auf beruflicher Ebene durch meine Körpersprachetechniken zu entfalten. Dies erstreckt sich von meinen Methoden zur Beherrschung von Stimme und Körper bis hin zu Yoga und Meditation.


Performing Arts


Internationally working performer based in Hamburg and Toulouse. More than 20 years of experience as an actress and singer for different theater, television, film and music projects with beginnings at the “Deutschen Schauspielhaus” (Hamburg) and the “Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz” (Munich).

Coach And Trainer

Barbara Duchow designs specific concepts for individual coachings and/or group trainings. She is a trainer-coach, actress, director and power-yoga teacher, and holds degrees in design, performing arts and psychology. She has finished her degree in systemic therapy to deepen her insight and results with Clients.

Directing & Show Production

I work with the international creative and organizational team dasintegral. It develops individual shows, which are fined-tuned to represent our client’s vision. The newest impulses from the arts, science, fashion, dance, and theater scenes flow into the process, forming a complete work of art. Openings, image shows, corporate events, tradeshow performances, or the pure desire to create meaningful events are all in good hands with us.

Yoga and Meditation

As a producer for industrial shows, a leadership coach and a performing artist, there is a constant stress of new people, new locations, new tasks and the unknown. Yoga and Meditation have become essential for my survival and focused presence.


Natural Born Leader. Re-Connect Body-Mind-Spirit in St. Peter-Ording (Germany)