Barbara Duchow

Art Performer, Coach and Director


Setting forth on my artistic odyssey in 1990, I embarked on a path of my own making, giving birth to a unique method that harmonizes the eloquence of body language with the subtle nuances of the performing arts. This fusion stands as a gateway, empowering individuals to nurture their personal leadership skills across both their professional and personal lives. It’s all about mastering the intricate language of our bodies. I’m a true visionary, having meticulously crafted a myriad of workshops that span the spectrum – from acting and choreography to unbridled creativity – tailored for actors and performers seeking to refine their craft. But my influence doesn’t stop at the stage; I’m also dedicated to equipping managers with customized coaching in voice modulation and body dynamics, allowing them to exude a magnetic presence in the corporate arena. In 2020, the revered Yoga Alliance™ granted me the distinction of being a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™). This addition to my portfolio introduced Power Yoga and meditation teachings, seamlessly weaving holistic well-being into the fabric of my artistic journey. Today, my workshops encompass an array of transformative modules. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your presence, amplify your vocal resonance, master the art of expression, or navigate the intricate web of communication dynamics, my offerings have you covered. Immerse yourself in active relaxation techniques, draw insights from diverse diagnostics, and partake in team-building experiences tailored for managers, therapists, and business trailblazers.

My canvas is one of inspiration, innovation, and evolution. I invite you to embark on this extraordinary journey with me, where we orchestrate the symphony of body language, artistic expression, and leadership finesse. Together, we’ll create a masterpiece that’s authentically and uniquely you.





Join me to discover, stimulate, deepen and learn to consciously use our power and creative spirit. Workshops available in Hamburg, Toulouse and Ibiza. Also available to collaborate on your project as an actress, composer, singer-songwriter or presenter.