Barbara Duchow

Art Performer, Coach and Director

Performing Arts / Theater

Theater Actress and Performance Arts Artist with beginnings at the Deutschen Schauspielhaus (Hamburg) and the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz (Munich). Since then Barbara Duchow has worked in different role-plays for comercial and experimental-performing works with various directors in Germany such as Hannah Kreuzer (Berlin), Alia Hawa, Matthias Kahle, Jochen Roller, Daniel Witzke, Eberhard Möbius and Martin Sanbauer (Hamburg), as well as Daniel A. Jones in the United States (Texas, New York and Minneapolis). Barbara Duchow has also worked for experimental and performance art works throughout his artistic career.

1995 – 1996 Duchow has studied Performing Arts as a Guest Study Program at Arts College E.D.D.C., Arnhem, Netherlands

1992 – 1995 Dance and drama, Stage School Hamburg, Germany





2019 Prometheus. Role: the soul of Pometheus. Director: Hannah Kreuzer. TIK Theather, Berlin

2009 – 2012 Die Elfen. Various international appearances with interactive improvisations and performances. Role: Elfe. Die Elfenagentur, Hamburg

2009 Sissirossi Temporary Store, Opening-Performance. Role: The Praying Mantis. Cooperation with Martin Sambauer (Director) and Swen Kählert (Art-Direction), Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin

2007 Performances by Butch Morris, Living Theater und Laundryspaces, New York

2007 Phoenix Factory. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones. Theatre Allgo Austin, Texas, New York, Mineapolis

2006 Phoenix Factory, Premiere. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones. Theatre Allgo Austin, Texas, New York, Mineapolis

2006 ID-Club. Role: Copilot. Director: Martin Sanbauer, Hamburg

2004 Die Welt ist Rund O. Auf der Linie–auf dem Strich. Role: Babs, Andre Heller. Director: Telat Yurtsever. Fußball – Globus Hamburg

2004 Phoenix Factory. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones, Austin – New York

2001 Guten Abend, schöne unbekannte. Role: die unbekannte Kabarett. Director: Eberhard Möbius. Theaterschiff, Hamburg

2000 Don Juans zweite Frau. Role: Marianne. Director: Daniel Witzke. St.Pauli-Theatre, Hamburg

1999 Greetings from Paradise. Director: Jochen Roller. Junge-Hunde-Tanztheater, Kampnagel, Hamburg

1999 Yesterday. Role: Singer of Liverbirds and many others (Ensemble). Director: MATZE. Star Theater, Musical, Hamburg

1999 Enterprise. Role: Diverse Startrek personalities. Director: Alia Hawa. Theaterimprovisation, S3 AG, Hamburg

1998 – 1999 Star-Club – die Story. Rock-Musical. Role: Liverbird, Nutte. Director: Matthias Kahle. Delphi-Theatre, Hamburg

1998 Fratzer. Role: Frau Kaufmann. Director: Alia Hawa, Kammerspiele, Hamburg

1996 – 1997 Dream Landscapes. Role: Esemble. Director: Alia Hawa, Kampnagel, Hamburg

1995 – 1996 Various Shows, Kunsthochschule Arnheim, Netherlands

1992 – 1993 Various supporting roles, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich

1988 – 1990 Various supporting roles, Deutschen Schauspielhaus, Hamburg






Join me to discover, stimulate, deepen and learn to consciously use our power and creative spirit. Workshops available in Hamburg, Toulouse and Ibiza. Also available to collaborate on your project as an actress, composer, singer-songwriter or presenter.