As ancient Romans knew – mens sana in corpore sanum – a healthy mind belongs to a healthy body.

We have composed an awakening experience through combining yoga-based body work, mental training, and focused music and sounds.

Work of the body and mind is enhanced scientifically through sounds that bring your brainwaves into a perceptive state. This opens a channel to your emotions.

Everyone knows that Yoga helps if your body feels tense. Everyone knows that sound can make a body vibrate. But not everybody is aware that our bodies store our psychological memories and even the best training won’t help for long if the source of the tenseness is still present.


Barbara Duchow - London Bral School
Barbara Duchow – Yoga Teacher, Coach, Performer. Photography by Andrzej Zając

As a producer for industrial shows, a leadership coach and a performing artist, there is a constant stress of new people, new locations, new tasks and the unknown. Yoga and Meditation have become essential for my survival and focused presence.

In 2001 I went through a difficult phase in my personal life and had a burn-out in my professional life. This led to anxiety and panic attacks. During this difficult time I discovered Bikram yoga. It stabilized me in such a profound way that I began a journey to understand the practices of this and other yoga forms.

In 2004 I began formalizing this study with a one year Teacher training for power-yoga.

In 2005 I started to teach power-yoga while researching and learning from Ashtanga, Hartha, Anasura, Jivamukti and Kundalini. Now I teach a form of yoga which is influenced by all of these directions.

It is both influenced by my Body-Mind Centering, transcendental meditation, multifaceted performer training of European Dance Development Department, the 5 elements of dance Gabriele Roth and up to the Stage School of Dance and Drama.


Barbara Duchow

“Yoga with Barbara is not your run of the mill type of yoga. It is much more like a 90 minute journey with a highly motivated travel guide, who understands how to transmit the deeper meaning of yoga without cliches and how to use first-class dramaturgy, intelligence, empathy, know-how, humor, motivation, and lots of heart to bring the class to really good sweat! After a class with Barbara, I feel great – feather-light, inspired and altogether grounded. It is fun to follow her instruction, because she gives you the feeling that alongside with the performing of different asanas, there is never a short supply of food for the soul. For me, her voice is her best tool. As a yoga-student under her instruction, I feel I am in good hands. It’s a shame she doesn’t teach in Hamburg more often!”

Claudia Rohde

Course Participant

Ivo Vossen – Musician , Music Producer

04320faAfter starting to meditate and doing Yoga again on an inspiring trip to Bali but being annoyed by the New Age music it became obvious to produce my own modern way of spiritual music – combing western science to influence your brainwaves and emotions with ancient wisdom. With these scientifically proofen brainwave influencing techniques I found the chance to boost creativity, high performance, concentration, relaxation, meditation. So I combined this sounds with the intention of different mental trainers to boost their trainings.

I was born in the 80ties, spending my childhood with traveling to unknown countries and the inspiration of several different cultures with my parents being ethnologist. The first music I remember was the beat of African drums. Starting with classical guitar at the age of 6 my roots became a mixture of classical music and ethno sound. On my 11th birthday I got an electric guitar which absolutely changed my life – and the life of my poor parents. Since then I played in different rock and jazz bands until the digital revolution opened new possibilities of combing all sounds of the world.

So I in my 20th I became a producer, composer / programmer and sound engineer, traveling with different bands like Deichkind, The Baseballs, Anouar Brahem around the world.

With 35 I started to produce some Kundalini Mantra CDs f.e. the band „Tera Naam“ which brought me back to my spiritual roots and exploring the science of sound.

2017 I launched my website resonance space – a platform for sounds and mediations – scientifically optimized to boost focus and relaxation.To be able to perform the various tasks of our daily lives, the brain uses different brain wave patterns. You can optimize and influence these patterns by sounds. I combined this ancient wisdom with modern science and medical knowledge and mental training.