Since April 2019 Barbara Duchow “Lunattack” started a collaboration with the Toulouse based band “Elephants Memories” with which they are working on a new release.

Elephant Memories started in 2009 when Jean-Philippe (Guitar, Vocals) and Bruno (Drums) perform around Toulouse with 2 other friends as “Jack Petrol”. In may 2012 the band is renamed “The First Time I saw an Elephant”. In 2016, Phil (Bass) and Ben (Guitar) leave for new horizons.
The band starts again with Olivier (Bass) and adds some electro to the rock sounds. It mostly plays its own songs, written in English, and which became more mature with the line-up evolutions. They talk about trips, inner and outer, experience of life and its twists and turns from darkness to light.

The band plays also some songs of its most influential artists (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd). Pauline (Vocals) joins the band for one year before leaving for a more personal project. “The First Time …” then becomes “Elephant Memories” and starts in April 2019 a collaboration with the singer Barbara Duchow (Lunattack).