We are very pleased with our great experience “Lunattack in #concert”. It has been a wonderful night! Thank you very much to all the people who showed us their support and affection in the #Halle424 in #Hamburg. Amazing! | Photography by Roy Coaster.

Songs composition and writing: Lone Kent. Song Writing and concert production: Jamie Snow. Video Art Design: Arnaldo González . Co directing and videos playback: Christopher Sivertsen. Guitare: Lone Kent. Drums: Sébastien Gisbert. Bass: Fred Cash. Violin: Ian Mardon. Video Projection: Neuman und Müller, Jens Gießler, Klaus Ostermeyer. Face Mapping: Das Integral, Martin Sambauer. Light Design: Candela, Ingo Piesker. Sound Engineering: Ivo Vossen. Venue Design: Halle 424 – Jürgen Carstensen. Video recording and cameras: David Madry and Arnaldo González. All great support of Birgit Missal and Swen Kählert. What a night so fantastic! Sincerely Barbara Duchow Founder/ Producer, co-composing and singing.

More impressions about this concert on: http://lunattack.com/lunattack_in_halle424.html

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