Internationally working performer based in Hamburg, Berlin, Toulouse and New York. More than 20 years of experience as an actress and singer for different theater, television, film and music projects with beginnings at the “Deutschen Schauspielhaus” (Hamburg) and the “Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz” (Munich). Since then Barbara Duchow has worked in different role-plays for commercial and experimental-performing works with various directors in Germany such as Hannah Kreuzer (Berlin), Alia Hawa, Matthias Kahle, Jochen Roller, Daniel Witzke, Eberhard Möbius and Martin Sanbauer (Hamburg), as well as Daniel A. Jones in the United States for theaters in Texas, New York and Minneapolis. Duchow has played for several films, short films and TV series broadcast on German national television like the docu-fiction “Main dunkle Geheimnis” by Christian Blome for “Sat1” (2016). Since 2014 she is performing under her music artist name “Lunattack” with which she has released  her own songs and performed live on stages such as Halle424 and First Stage in Hamburg, as well as at Le Metronum in Toulouse, France collaborating with other artists and musicians. Duchow has been Event Presenter for various live performances, fashion and advertising shows too like “Lunattack Live Experience, MCM-Mode and Akademie JAK Hamburg” also presenter on tour in big nightclubs in Germany for MTV / Martini Bianco, Pink Fanta, Sierra Tequila among others.

Since 1990 she uses her voice and bodywork professional training backgrounds as creator of many workshops of acting, choreography, creativity for actors and performers, and since 1993 events producer and director as well.




2020 Official member of Yoga Alliance™ as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT™) ID: 321802

2016 – 2018 Coordination technique, Bral School of Acting by Grzegorz Bral, Director of Song of Goats Theater, London, England

2012 – 2014 Systemische Therapie, Institute for Systemic. Program by Uta Karschnick, Hamburg, Germany

2012 Voice-training for Rock / Metal Music with Catharina Boutari (Coach), Hamburg, Germany

2011 Teacher Training, Synapsing by Nila Aalia, London, England

2004 – 2005 Power Yoga, Professional Training, Studio ASANA, Athens, Greece

2002 – 2003 Aerial Yoga Teacher, Training and Therapy, Swaha Yoga Studio, Athens, Greece

2002 Camera Acting, Masterclass with Rolf Liccini, Coaching Company Berlin, Germany

1995 – 1996 Performing Arts, Guest Study Program, Arts College E.D.D.C., Arnhem, Netherlands

1992 – 1995 Dance and Drama, Stage School Hamburg, Germany

1992 – 2002 Acting, intensive study program with Nila Aalia (Coach), SYNAPSE (by Nila Aalia) C.C, London, England

1986 – 1990 Mode Design, Akademie JAK, Graduation Dipl. Designer, Hamburg, Germany



2023 – 2019 BeatCamp Real World Studios, Wiltshire, UK. Immersive masterclasses and professional sessions between musicians and singers co-working and recording tracks in the Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. 


“Barbara Duchow has travelled a lot in her life. As a seeker, lover, fugitive, soulsister, artist, teacher and coach. She has always been confronted with the necessity to acquaint herself with the unspoken. This gave birth to a specific artistic language relating self-story to the foreign story and the distant to the intimate. The intrinsic charm of this special language lies in the distinct, weighted and poetic atmosphere created by Duchows voice. Each listening avoids decisiveness as the listener’s own story finds its place joining the shine of a hiker between worlds”.

Claudia Fischer





2022 Herzrasen Schwitzen Zittern (Tachycardia Sweating Trembling). Short film. Role: Die Angst (The Fear). Director: Hannah Fee Kreuzer. Production: Peter K. Gorzo, Germany

2022 The Lost Tail. Music/Short film. Role: Lunattack. Director: Lunattack, James Snow. Production: Barbara Duchow Productions, Germany

2022 – 2021 Commercials for Sarah’s Blessing CBD-Fruchtgummis, Schenker and Glow und Giesswein social media campaign by Giesswein. Escape Filmproduktion GbR, Germany

2020 Der Schlüsselhalter. Short film. Role: Wife. Director: Hannah Fee Kreuzer. Production: Independent, Germany

2019 Space. Part: 2. Short film. Role: Mother with kind. Director: Rubén Muñoz. Production: Independent, Germany

2016 TV-Serie: Main dunkle Geheimnis. Season 3, Episode 61: Letzte Chance. Role: Mother. Director: Christian Blome. Production: Schwarzkopf TV. Broadcast: Sat1, Germany

2014 TV-Serie: Main dunkle Geheimnis. Season 1, Episode 205: in schlechter Gesellschaft. Role: Isabell. Director: Christian Blome. Production: Schwarzkopf TV, Germany. Broadcast: Sat1, Germany

2012 Gnade. Role: Neighbor. Director: Matthias Glasner. Production: Schwarzweiss Filmproduktion, Germany

2010 Clara (Qualities of Light). Short film. Role: Clara. Director: Martin Sambauer. Production: Independent, Germany – USA

2007 TV-Serie: Die Rettungsflieger. Season 11, Episode 12 / 109. Lust auf Leben. Role: Dr. Mertens – The Ophthalmologist. Director: Donald Kraemer. Production: Studio Hamburg Filmproduktion. Broadcast: ZDF, Germany 

2006 Various commercials for Vodafone and Maggi, Germany

2005 ef.teh.air. Length feature film. Role: Farell. Direction: Velvet Bianca Jobst. Production: Strangepool-Berlin, Germany

2004 Britspotting – 48 hours Film Challenge. Short film. Starring role. Director: 

Velvet Bianca Jobst.  Production: Independent, Germany

2001 Küss mich, Tiger!. Role: Woman with dog. Director: Jan Ruzicka, Germany. Production and broadcast: ARD, Germany.

2000 Vera Brühne. Rolle: Neighbor. Regie: Hark Bohm. Production: Constantin Film Germany. Broadcast: Sat1, Germany.

2000 Die Männer vom K3. Role: Police woman. Direction: Jan Ruzicka. Production: Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Studio Hamburg Filmproduktion, Germany


2019 Prometheus. Role: the soul of Pometheus. Director: Hannah Kreuzer. TIK Theather, Berlin

2009 – 2012 Die Elfen. Various international appearances with interactive improvisations and performances. Role: Elfe. Die Elfenagentur, Hamburg

2009 Sissirossi Temporary Store, Opening-Performance. Role: The Praying Mantis. Cooperation with Martin Sambauer (Director) and Swen Kählert (Art-Direction), Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin

2007 Performances by Butch Morris, Living Theater und Laundryspaces, New York

2007 Phoenix Factory. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones. Theatre Allgo Austin, Texas, New York, Mineapolis

2006 Phoenix Factory, Premiere. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones. Theatre Allgo Austin, Texas, New York, Mineapolis

2006 ID-Club. Role: Copilot. Director: Martin Sanbauer, Hamburg

2004 Die Welt ist Rund O. Auf der Linie–auf dem Strich. Role: Babs, Andre Heller. Director: Telat Yurtsever. Fußball – Globus Hamburg

2004 Phoenix Factory. Role: Clara. Director: Daniel A. Jones, Austin – New York

2001 Guten Abend, schöne unbekannte. Role: die unbekannte Kabarett. Director: Eberhard Möbius. Theaterschiff, Hamburg

2000 Don Juans zweite Frau. Role: Marianne. Director: Daniel Witzke. St.Pauli-Theatre, Hamburg

1999 Greetings from Paradise. Director: Jochen Roller. Junge-Hunde-Tanztheater, Kampnagel, Hamburg

1999 Yesterday. Role: Singer of Liverbirds and many others (Ensemble). Director: MATZE. Star Theater, Musical, Hamburg

1999 Enterprise. Role: Diverse Startrek personalities. Director: Alia Hawa. Theaterimprovisation, S3 AG, Hamburg

1998 – 1999 Star-Club – die Story. Rock-Musical. Role: Liverbird, Nutte. Director: Matthias Kahle. Delphi-Theatre, Hamburg

1998 Fratzer. Role: Frau Kaufmann. Director: Alia Hawa, Kammerspiele, Hamburg

1996 – 1997 Dream Landscapes. Role: Esemble. Director: Alia Hawa, Kampnagel, Hamburg

1995 – 1996 Various Shows, Kunsthochschule Arnheim, Netherlands

1992 – 1993 Various supporting roles, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, Munich

1988 – 1990 Various supporting roles, Deutschen Schauspielhaus, Hamburg


2022 Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Moon Kiss Live Experience. Vocals and Live Music Performance. Various concerts in: L’Usine à Musique (EnorRev Festival), Cercle Aéronotes,, The London Town, Monplaisir Garden, Labastide Clermont 31, ÔBohem, La Cave à Rock. and The Music Factory (Opening to the “Watching Worlds Collide Tour 2022” by Esthesis (rock band), Toulouse, France

2022 Helden, Cover Band of Toulouse. Vocals and Live Music Performance. Acoustic concert, The London Town, Toulouse, France

2022 The Lost Tail, Single. Lunattack and Jacqueline La. Vocals, Songwriter, Composer, Music Video Performer. (Single Production) Real World Producer Camp, Wiltshire, England, (Music Video) Barbara Duchow Productions, Hamburg, Germany – Toulouse, France

2022 L’Éternité (Jacqueline La Remix), Single. Lunattack and Dan Easley. Vocals. Jacqueline La Productions, Brighton, England

2021 Wonderline, Barbara Duchow. Lead voice, collaboration with Graham George. Real World Producer Camp Vol 1, album, various artists, Producer Camp, Wiltshire, England

2021 Lunattack (Unplugged Sessions Vol​.​1), EP, Lunattack and Lucas Ghelfi. Record producer, songwriter, singer and music director. Lone Kent´s Studio, Toulouse, France

2021 Lunattak and Elephant Memories, Live in the Bathroom Sessions, Vocals and Live Music Performance, Lunattack Official YouTube Channel, Toulouse, France

2021 Gate 38, Let me Shine, This is Moon and Strange Lover, Lunattak and Elephant Memories, Music Videos. Vocals and Music Video Performer. Toulouse, France

2021 Moon Kiss, LP, Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Record producer, songwriter, singer and music director. Lone Kent´s Studio, Toulouse, France

2020 Nacht, Lunattack. Vocals and Music Video Performer. Music production by SIJO and Niklas Lüders. Songwriter: Niklas Lüders. Video art by Arnaldo Drés González. Hamburg, Germany

2020 Pont Neuf (Toneaffair Remixes), Digital Album, Songwriter and Vocals. Berlin, Germany

2020 Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Le Metronum, Toulouse, France

2019 Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Les marins d’eau douce, L’Usine à Musique, Toulouse – Halle 424, Hamburg, Germany

2019 Escape, EP, Elephant Memories feat. Lunattack. Vocals. Studio Le Cerisier, Toulouse, France

2019 L´Eternité, EP, Lunattack and Dan Easley. Songwriter and Vocals. Towndowner Record, Virginia, USA

2019 Dream in Black and White, Original Song. Songwriter and Composer with Graham George, Beatcamp #003, Album, various artists, Real World Records, Wiltshire, England

2019 Fly to the moon, Lunattack. Vocals and Live Music Performance, La Sainte Dynamo, Toulouse, France

2018 – 2019 Helden, Cover Band of Toulouse. Vocals and Live Music Performance. 

2017 Lunattack, Pont Neuf Album Release. Vocals and Live Music Performance. First Stage Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2017 Pont Neuf, LP, Lunattack. Record producer, songwriter, singer and music director. Pussy Empire Recordings, Hamburg, Germany

2016 Lunattack in Konzert. Vocals and Live Music Performance. Halle 424, Hamburg

2012 Rad Kick, Metal Rock Band. Vocals, Hamburg, Germany

2009 – 2012 Irish Bastards. Various dance performances with live music, Hamburg, Germany

2009 – 2012 Tinkerbells. Diverse Gesangsauftritte. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Hamburg, Germany



2022 Hors Serie Artprim: “Lunattack & Elephant Memories. Album overview + 

next event at L’usine à Musique on June 2nd Enorock 2022”. Orginal in French.

Off Party, Podcast.



2022 Wisdom Feast Podcast: “My Success. My Story” talking with Barbara Duchow. 

Original in English. By Wahida Mohamed.



2016 Soundscout: Barbara Duchow talks about “Lunattack from Hamburg and Toulouse”. 

Original in German language by Martin Risel. © Deutschlandradio





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