Barbara Duchow

Art Performer, Coach and Director

Musik (Sänger und Songschreiber)

Barbara Duchow is a professional songwriter and singer with a mezzo-soprano voice type. In her music performances she sings in various languages such as English, German and French. She sings and produces music in the electro pop / rock genres. She also has experience with the heavy metal. Since 2014 she is performing under her artist name „Lunattack“ with which she publishes her own songs and collaborates with other artists.

„Lunattack“ delivers a touching insight into a life story that defies pre-assembled patterns in search of breaking free of an inconvenient lineage. In this powerful electro-pop-rock experience, Duchow unfolds stories of alienation and blindness, displacement and pain, revenge and forgiveness, resurrection from darkness and the surprising brightness of disappointment.

Since 2014 she has worked together with the guitarist, singer and songwriter Lone Kent (Toulouse) in the music composition of her first songs. 2015 she started to work with the Venezuelan visual artist Arnaldo González to create the Lunattack’s visual art presence. Bit by bit incredible musicians, producers and performers have given their creativity and support to each live performances and wherever she goes she invites guest artists to join her. This dynamic has made Lunattack be enriched by a kind of wonderful creative hybrid. 2017 she has released her debut album “Pont Neuf” with Pussy Empire Recording in Hamburg.




For Barbara Duchow, Hamburg native and creator of Lunattack, this has meant a long journey of escape and searching for her own compass. Her exploration is heavily influenced by the invisible and lasting weight passed on to german grandchildren of the Second World War. She allows helplessness, anger and disappointment to sweep comfortably through her stories, as the moments of joy and love take on power and depth.




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2019 Lunattack had released new songs and EPs in collaboration with other artists and producers like Graham George (Scotland) with the song „Dream in Black and White“ for the Beatcamp Album compilation #003 at the Real World Studios (England), „Infinite“ Jacqui Langham Remix (England), „L’éternité“ digital EP in collaboration with Dan Easley (USA) and „Escape“ EP from her collaboration with the Toulouse based band “Elephant Memories”.

„Lunattack and Elephant Memories“ has performed live in support of different charities, performed at the „Enorock Festival“ (2020) at Le Metronum in Toulouse, France, as well as at Halle 424 in Hamburg, Germany in 2019.

2020 Lunattack released „Nacht“ single song written by Niklas Lüders, produced by SIJO & Niklas Lüders, and released the visual album PONT NEUF REMIXES with DJ Toneaffair and Arnaldo González Visual Artist.

2021 in collaboration with the American guitarist and singer/songwriter Lone Kent, Lunattack released her first vinyl LP „Moon Kiss“ with Elephant Memories featuring 4 singles with music videos. In the same year she released Lunattack (Unplugged Sessions Vol​.​1) digital EP with the acoustic guitar by Lucas Ghelfi.

Lunattack collaborates with the cover band „Helden“ in Toulouse too performing and singing live classic rock covers.



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2021 Midsummer Festival, Lunattack. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Airport Neuhardenberg, Berlin, Germany

2021 Lunattack (Unplugged Sessions Vol​.​1), EP, Lunattack and Lucas Ghelfi, Vocals, composer and songwriter. Lone Kent Studios, Toulouse, France

2021 Moon Kiss, LP, Lunattack and Elephant Memories, Vocals, composer and songwriter. Lone Kent Studios, Toulouse, France

2020 Nacht, Lunattack. Vocals and Music Video Performer. Music production by SIJO and Niklas Lüders. Songwriter: Niklas Lüders. Video art by Arnaldo González. Hamburg, Germany

2020 Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Le Metronum, Toulouse, France

2019 Lunattack and Elephant Memories. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Les marins d’eau douce, L’Usine à Musique, Toulouse – Halle 424, Hamburg, Germany

2019 Escape, EP, Elephant Memories feat. Lunattack. Vocals. Studio Le Cerisier, Toulouse, France

2019 L´Eternité, EP, Lunattack and Dan Easley. Songwriter and Vocals. Towndowner Record, Virginia, USA

2019 Dream in Black and White, Original Song. Songwriter and Composer with Graham George, Beatcamp #003, Album, various artists, Real World Records, Wiltshire, England

2019 Fly to the moon, Lunattack. Vocals and Live Music Performance, La Sainte Dynamo, Toulouse, France

2018 – 2019 Helden, Cover Band of Toulouse. Vocals and Live Music Performance.

2017 Lunattack, Pont Neuf Album Release. Vocals and Live Music Performance. First Stage Theater, Hamburg, Germany

2017 Pont Neuf, LP, Lunattack. Record producer, songwriter, singer and music director. Pussy Empire Recordings, Hamburg, Germany

2016 Lunattack in Konzert. Vocals and Live Music Performance. Halle 424, Hamburg

2012 Rad Kick, Metal Rock Band. Vocals, Hamburg, Germany

2009 – 2012 Irish Bastards. Various dance performances with live music, Hamburg, Germany

2009 – 2012 Tinkerbells. Diverse Gesangsauftritte. Vocals and Live Music Performance, Hamburg, Germany