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The Panther

In the Jardin des Plantes, Paris

His eyes have got so weary of the bars
going by, they can’t grasp anything else.
He feels like there’s a thousand bars,
a thousand bars and no world beyond.

The soft tread of his strong, supple stride
turns him in ever tighter circles,
like the dance of force about a centre
in which a great will stands, stunned.

But now and then, the curtains over his eyes
quietly lift… and an image enters,
goes through his tense and silent limbs…
and dies out in his heart.

English translation by Paul Archer of the poem Der Panther by Rainer Maria Rilke.

“Natural Born Leader” Retreat

Are you feeling disconnected from your inner strength and wish to gain back what drives you intuitively? Or in other words: do you want to re-awake the leader inside yourself?

We have combined acting techniques, body work, systemic therapy, strategic intervention, self-leadership and leadership knowledge as well as our professionell experiences on the job: Barbara as director and show producer and Alexander as an executive industry leader. We share our sheer passion for bringing out the best in others – combined for 50+ years.

Barbara has trained over 6000 business executives globally, as well as people from all disciplines – designers, artists, psychologists, among others. Alexander has managed teams over 1.000 people and implemented changes in operational and personal dimensions.

We specialised in creating a „leadership mindset“, managing anxieties that come with leadership challenges as well as accessing the power of the body to influence the mind. When we talk about leadership, we especially want to help bring out the natural born leader in our participants.


  • Time to listen to yourself – Remember not renew yourself
  • Check in with your Goals – are they still yours?
  • Hear the unconditioned – Am I living my calling?
  • Who is „I“? – What is my deepest motor engine that drives me?
  • Reevaluate your alignment
  • Explore self-charging independence – Recharge your batteries
  • Relearn intuition as your powerful tool
  • On the way to become who you are – Manifest your inner truth



Alexander Gebhardt-Euler

Bringing 13 years of experience in leading inter-cultural, mostly industrial teams at High-Tec companies, Alexander has already collected expertise since 2005 as an entrepreneurial consultant with focus on organizational & cultural development, Executive Sparring & Coaching and leadership development.

Beside his on the job knowledge, his international degree in business administration (Germany and Spain) on the one hand and his education as strategic intervention coach (Robbins Mandanes Training in USA) on the other hand, enables Alexander to quickly understand and effectively impact business leaders around the globe.

His passion for soulful business performance is based on his vivid conviction of true value-based leadership.








Barbara Duchow

Trainer-Coach, Actress, Director, Power-Yoga Teacher and holds degrees in Design, Performing Arts and Psychology. Her degree in Systemic Therapy deepen her insight and results with clients. For over 30 years she has worked as a director, producer and conceptor for industrial shows in which she has profound on the job leadership experience.

Since 25 years Barbara works with executive managers in individual and group coaching processes where she combines her excellence in performing arts with her deep understanding of the challenges in leadership positions.

In her work, she focuses on voice- and bodywork by means of partner and group exercises in order to remove barriers and promote the individual flow of energy. Physical coordination and concentration exercises for increasing productivity are part of her coaching, as well as creativity training in order to consciously expand the expression vocabulary. She uses associative thinking and brain exercise to promote ones own wealth of ideas, goal setting and the “decision making” through physical exercises and mind-mapping. Working through and clearly defying visions with aid of the collage technique and “creative writing” are as important for her as having the desire to discover a creative power and productive spirit in each of her clients.


In response to the multiple demand to give a workshop outside of the business context, we decided to offer a workshop on Ibiza. The work will take place on a beautiful hillside property with a fantastic view of the sea. This property once belonged to famous English actor Terry Thomas.

Because the workshops take place outside of the actual season and the son of Terry Thomas, Cushan, who runs the Agricultural Hotel together with his wife and supports the acting, we get special conditions.

The workshop is ideal also for all those who wish to discover, stimulate, deepen and consciously use their creative power and creative spirit.

On the basis of a text that you have chosen yourself that moves you (e.g. song, poem, monologue, speech), we develop a small performance and use it as a tool to work on your individual presence.


  • Individual Coaching Sessions accompany your transformation process.
  • Practical coaching methods are shared to support you “beautiful” and strong mindset – all designed to become your new routines of self-empowerment.
  • Voice and body work based on partner or group exercises as well as massage techniques to break down blockages and promote the individual flow of energy.
  • Physical coordination and concentration exercises to increase performance.
  • Creativity training for the conscious expansion of the accustomed expression vocabulary.
  • Associative thinking and brain training to promote your own inventiveness.
  • Brainstorming, ensemble training, perception training, for group leadership and for optimal personal opening for group work.
  • Promotion of goal setting and determination through physical exercises and mind mapping.
  • Developing and concretizing visions with the help of collage techniques and creative writing.


Book your seat for your “Natural Born Leader” retreat on Ibiza in 2023

Email us here to info@barbaraduchow.com to reserve your place.


Start: A Thursday 18.00

End: A Sunday 18.00

In total 28 hours of program – for your Body-Mind-Spirit retreat.

Please be aware that we are in a very special place with very different individual rooms – all beautiful but in different sizes. Rates are including breakfast from 160€ to 280 € and you will need min. 4 nights. Meals and prices will be individually arranged according to the participants’ preferred diet.

To enjoy the island and the free time beside our program most related, we recommend renting a car for this stay.

Please consider to book enough time around the program for a enjoyable transfer of yourself and your insights of the retreat.


Book your seat for your “Natural Born Leader” retreat on Ibiza from 1.049€

Email us here to info@barbaraduchow.com to learn more about current prices and reserve your place.



We assure that during the retreat, all local and general rules of COVID-19 regulations are strictly applied.

We ask all participants for an evidence of recovery, vaccination or daily acute tests.

Furthermore, if the retreats as such will be prohibited by local laws, we offer of course a full refund of the program fees inkl. accommodations.

Most airlines offer refunds of voucher rebookings as their new standard.

Looking forward!